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Defence aluminum plate

Al-Mg alloy as the lightest engineering metal materials, with a light specific gravity, specific strength and specific stiffness, damping and good thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding ability is strong, and shock absorption performance is good, and a series of unique properties, greatly satisfy the aerospace, modern weapons and equipment in the field of military industry demand, is the key to the fighter and chariots weapons and equipment needed for structural materials.

2024 t351 aluminum plate

The defence aluminum plate are used in all kinds of weapons, they are used in armored vehicles, tanks and high-speed torpedo boats, which require high mobility, and aluminum material can significantly reduce weight and increase flexibility when pass through the rivers and swamps. In addition, the defence aluminum plate is widely used in torpedo boats, patrol boats, frigate superstructure, military pontoon, tank turret, flak jacket, artillery, etc.

2A12 aluminum

The work environment of military (ship, battleship) ship requires that structural materials should have certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and impact resistance. The aluminum material should have a certain thickness plate, profile, integral extruding wall and coffin. The thickness of the aluminum plate is between 0.5mm and 50mm, and the individual cases are also more useful. A missile destroyer USES 200 tons of aluminum medium plate.
The main alloy for defence aluminum plate is 2017, 2A14, 2A12, 2024, 7050, 7075, 5A05, etc.

Alloy Temper Thickness
2A11 T4,T6,T351 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000 The spacer frame, fin rib, wing beam, etc.
2A12 O,T3,T4,T351,H112 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000 The plane frame,wing, etc
2A14 T4、T6、T351 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000 Aircraft large frame, bridge, truck components, etc.
2024 O,T3,T4,T6,T72,T81,T361,T351,T861,T3511,T8611 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000 Propeller structural parts, aircraft skeleton, etc.
7005 O,T6,T651,T7451 0.2-300 800-2600 <12000 Aircraft trusses, large heat exchangers, tennis rackets and softball rods, fixtures, etc.
7050 O,T6,T651,T7451 0.2-300 800-2600 <12000 High child ball head, mould, aircraft landing gear, etc.
7075 O,T6,T651 0.2-300 800-2600 <12000 High child ball head, mould, aircraft landing gear, et
5083 H131 6-300 800-2600 <12000 amphibian and other armored vehicles, etc

Feature of Mega Aluminum defence aluminum plate
1. It has low density, high strength, high hardness and strong corrosion resistance.
2. The heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good, superior processing performance
3. Can be made into various sections of profiles, pipes, high - bar boards, etc
4. Give full play to the potential of materials, improve the strength of components

2a14 aluminum

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