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Marine aluminum plate

With the development of shipping industry and the need of transportation efficiency, high-speed passenger ships are increasingly using aluminum plate as structural material. Only 1/3 weight of the steel, aluminum plate density and good corrosion resistance, become the best way to solve the ship's lightweight, but high quality specifications of the aluminum alloy plate processing become a problem to be solved. Henan Mega Aluminum industry co., LTD has a SMS production of 4500 mm hot rolling units and 2850 mm cold rolling units and accessory equipment, based on the international first-class equipment, we can provide large specification aluminum plate, satisfy customer requirements in all respects.

5456 aluminum plate

Marine aluminum plate is an emerging market for the development and application of aluminum plate products. Shipboard production capacity also becomes an important index of the comprehensive strength of various aluminum processing enterprises.With the improvement of domestic aluminum plate production process, the production scale of the ship board of Mega aluminum industry is gradually expanding, the variety of alloy is increasing, and the product performance has reached the international leading level.

7039 aluminum plate

Our advanced production equipment
7003 aluminum

Marine aluminum plate is mainly composed of 5 series and 6 series aluminum alloy, with 5083 aluminum plate is the representative, including 5083, 5086, 5052, 5383, 5454, 5456, 5754, 6061, 6063, etc.

Application of marine aluminum plate
Application Alloy Type
side and bottom of the boat 5083,5086,5456,5052 Sheet/profile
keel 5083 sheet
Boat frame 5083 Sheet/profile
Boat rib plate 5083,6061 Sheet
Engine bench 5083 Sheet
Deck 5052,5083,5086,5456,5454,7039 Sheet/profile
Pilothouse 5083,6N01,5052 Sheet/profile
Bulwark 5083 Sheet/profile
Chimney 5083,5052 Sheet
Top and side of boat 3003,3004,5052 Sheet
Porthole 5052,5083,6063,AC7A Profile/casting
gangway ladder 5052,5083,6063,6061 Profile
Mast 5052,5083,6063,6061 Pipe/rod/ profile.
Boat frame 5456 aluminum plate6063,6061,7003 Profile
Engine and other parts AC4A,AC4C,AC4CH,AC8A Casting

6n01 aluminum

7003 aluminum

Specification of marine aluminum plate

1. Alloy: 5083,5086,5456,5052, 5754,6063,6061,6082, etc.
2. Temper: O, H111, H112, H321,H32, etc.
3. Dimensions: T(1-120) x W(1000-3500) x L(1000-1500)mm
4. Certificate: DNV/ABS/Lioyds/BV
5. Feature: Corrosion resistance, high precision and fatigue resistance.
6. Tensile Strength:170~360MPa
7. Yield strength (MPa)≥65
8. Modulus of elasticity(E): 69.3~70.7Gpa

7039 aluminum plate

5456 aluminum plate
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