4047 aluminum plate sheet introduction

4047 aluminum plate sheet belongs to a kind of 4 series alloy, 4 series aluminum alloy is aluminum alloy with silicon as the main alloying element, most alloys belong to heat treatment non-reinforcing aluminum alloy, only alloy containing Cu, Mg and Ni, and welding heat treatment strengthening When alloys absorb certain elements, they may be strengthened by heat treatment. Due to the high silicon content, low melting point, good melt fluidity, and ultimately no brittleness of the product, this series of alloys are mainly used for the manufacture of additional materials for welding of aluminum alloys, such as brazing plates, welding rods and welding wires. In addition, because of the high wear resistance and heat resistance of this alloy, it is also used to make pistons and heat-resistant parts. The alloy containing about 5% of silicon, after anodized and colored black, is suitable for building materials and manufacturing decorative parts.

4047 aluminum plate

The 4047 aluminum plate sheet is suitable for high temperature environments and is therefore particularly suitable for parts and engine blocks in the automotive industry. Other applications include welding filler wires, leak-proof fittings, housing requirements, window frames, gaskets and other similar devices.

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