Marine aluminum sheet

At present, there are relatively few aluminum production enterprises in the market, and Mega aluminum is one of the few enterprises that can produce aluminum alloy yacht. Freshwater lake in yacht with 5052 - H32 or 5052-0 aluminum sheet to production, and maritime yachts, generally, the use of the high Mg alloy is 5083 H116 or aluminum 5083 h321 plate, and they pass special processing technology, has good corrosion resistance. The ship board generally adopts the thickness of 3-30mm, the thickness of which is below 12mm is relatively high, and the dimension is generally 2000*8000mm and 1500*6000mm. Mega aluminum to produce these extreme ultra heavy plate, specialized production of the "1 + 1" strip production line, roughing rolling width of 3300 mm, finishing rolling width of 2800 mm, is one of the few manufacturer can produce super wide super thick plate.

5083 h116 aluminum plate

Henan Mega aluminum Co.,ltd passed the DNV certificate, is the most authoritative, the most stringent international aboard with board of certification bodies, recognised by the institution.

5052 o aluminum sheet