Application of 5052 h32 Aluminum Sheet in Bus Skins

Automobile lightweighting is a hot topic in the automotive industry in recent years. Many car companies have also made useful explorations in the field of vehicle weight reduction. Not only do small households need to be lightweight, but large-sized passenger cars also need to be lightweight. As an alternative to steel, aluminum has been widely used in the light weight of automobiles. Take the bus skin as an example, 5052 h32 aluminum sheet has been applied in some large passenger vehicles.

The skin is the main part that constitutes the square cabin and the large panel of the car body. It has three rectangular square holes with safety windows, side doors, and oil door installed on it. The four corners cut out the notch of the corner fittings. The skins of different locations on the cabins have different structures, but generally rectangular aluminum panels with a thickness of 1.5-2.0 mm are used. The processing accuracy and manufacturing quality of the skinned aluminum sheet directly affect the overall performance and service life of this tank. Taking the 5052-h32 aluminum plate for automotive skin as an example, the surface of the aluminum plate is required to be flat, warped, scratched, bumped, and other defects, and the warp degree exceeds 30 mm within a range of 1000 mm, and it is forbidden to be used as a large plate skin. Because of the large board with warping titles, although the tooling can be forced to flatten in the bonding foaming process, the internal stress cannot be eliminated. This may be a hidden danger of skin debonding and bulging.

Our 5052 aluminum plate is used in the skin of a large-sized new energy passenger car. The skin of the bus uses the 5052-h32 aluminum sheet  thickness is 1.5mm, and the 5052 h32 aluminum sheet is an aluminum-magnesium alloy Aluminum plate, this alloy has high strength, especially fatigue strength, and high plasticity and corrosion resistance. The 5052-h32 aluminum plate also contains a small amount of chromium. The effect of chromium is similar to that of manganese, which improves the stress corrosion cracking resistance, improves the strength of the base metal and the weld seam, and reduces the welding cracking tendency. These properties meet the performance requirements of corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of aluminum used in skins.

In addition to the 5052-h32 aluminum sheet, our aluminum sheet is also widely used in other parts of the car: 6061 aluminum plate in the car/card wheel hub, 5182 aluminum plate in the car door, fenders and other parts of the application, 5083 aluminum plate in the gas tank Applications, etc.