My company signed 80 tons of 5A03 aluminum sheet contract

Recently, good news came from our sales department, and our company has signed a contract for the aluminum plate for high-speed iron sound barriers of 80 tons. The high-speed sound barrier used is a 5A03-H111 aluminum plate with a thickness of 1.5mm and a width of 610-750mm.

5a03 aluminum plate

It is no accident that the alloy aluminum plate of 5A03 material is selected. The customer must build a closed pipe sound barrier. Because the project is in the coastal area, it may face the impact of typhoon, so the customer has very high requirements on the strength and corrosion resistance of the aluminum plate.After comparing the traditional road noise barrier field with the 1 series aluminum plate and 5 series 5754 aluminum plate, the customer decided to use 5A03 aluminum plate.