5A06 aluminum sheet for fuel tanker

The main alloy element of 5A06 alloy is Mg, it has good corrosion resistance, weldability and moderate strength. Excellent corrosion resistance makes the 5A06 aluminum sheet widely used for maritime purposes such as ships, automobile, aircraft welding parts, subway light rail, pressure vessels requiring strict fire protection (such as liquid tank cars, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated containers), refrigeration equipment, TV tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts, armor.

5a06 aluminum alloy sheet

We get one 80tons order of 5A06 aluminum alloy from UK customer, the detail size is as following, with mill finish surface, the customer use the 5A06 aluminum sheet for fuel tanker.

Alloy Temper Size(mm)
5A06 O 3*2000*4000
5A06 O 4*1500*4000
5A06 O 5*1500*4000
5A06 H112 6*1500*4000

The detail data of our 5A06 aluminum sheet

Alloy No. 5A06
Typical Temper O,H12,H14,H16,H34,H36,H111,H112
Thickness(mm) 0.20-500mm
Width(mm) 500-2600mm
Surface Treatment Mill finish, polishing