Aluminum foam plate used for Automobile sandwich panel

With the popularization of automobiles, the problem of vehicle lightweight and collision safety has attracted wide attention. Many scholars and engineers have conducted in-depth research on this.

Aluminum foam plate is a new type of structural functional material. Its unique structural characteristics make it excellent performance of light weight, high ratio of high ratio, vibration damping and high collision energy absorption. It is one of the effective ways to carry the sandwich panel made of Aluminum foam plate to automobile in the future to lighten the car and improve the safety of automobile collision.

Up to now, the research on the application of Aluminum foam plate sandwich structure in automobile mainly involves automobile bumper, frame and floor and so on, but the research on the application of Aluminum foam plate in the roof of automobile is rarely reported.

Aluminum foam plate

1) In the case of reasonable structural design, the top plate of the Aluminum foam sheets sandwich structure is lighter than the prototype car roof, and its static performance is improved.

2) The maximum stress and maximum displacement of the roof of the Aluminum foam sheets sandwich structure are obviously reduced in the high altitude fall and tilting test. It is proved that the roof of the Aluminum foam sheets sandwich structure can significantly improve the safety performance of the car accident.

3) The finite element simulation analysis is carried out on the top plate of a sandwich structure with a single layer of Aluminum foam sheets with a fixed thickness and a fixed thickness. If the topology optimization theory is used to optimize the arrangement and thickness of the Aluminum foam sheets in the sandwich structure, the experimental research has proved that its superior performance will be more prominent and true. It is true.

Aluminum foam sheets

4) Although the cost of Aluminum foam plate production conditions is high, in the long run, its outstanding advantages in weight reduction, energy saving and environmental safety are enough to offset the disadvantages of high cost. Moreover, with the development of the production technology of Aluminum foam plate, its cost will inevitably decrease quickly, so the application of Aluminum foam plate in the automobile and even other products which need weight reduction, energy saving, environmental protection safety and so on is imperative. Because of this, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to conduct relevant research.