What is the density of the 5052 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and weldability, and its processability is also very good.Because these characteristics make it often used in automotive.5052 aluminum plate, aluminum magnesium alloy aluminum plate, and aluminum plate with good hardness, these are the pronoun of aluminum alloy 5052-h32, because these are their characteristics.The density of the aluminum alloy 5052-h34 is 2.71.

Hardness: the tensile strength of the 1060 Aluminum plate is 110-130, while the 5052 series of tensile strength reaches 210-230, that is to say, the hardness of 5052 is 100% higher than the hardness of 1060.

aluminum alloy 5052-h32

Elongation: the extension rate of the 1060 series is 5%, while the 5052 series extends between the 12-20% and the extension rate of 200% in the case of the 5052 series than the 1060 hard 100%.

Chemical properties: 1060 is pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy 5052-h38 is aluminum alloy plate, and 5052 is corrosion resistant in special environment.

aluminum alloy 5052-h34

aluminum alloy 5052-h38

5052 aluminum plate is mainly used for high plasticity and good weldability. It is also used in traffic vehicles, ship's sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp support and rivets, hardware products, electrical appliances and so on. It can also be used for making aircraft fuel tank, tubing and aerospace aluminum alloy material, which is a typical rust proof alloy material.